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We love the Times Tables at singyourtables.com and we know just how important it is to learn them from a young age. Knowledge of the multiplication tables helps build the foundation of primary school mathematics and will stand a child in good stead through out their lives. I remember learning the times tables at school and even today use the songs, ditties and tricks I picked up as a child.

We have spent a great deal of time devising our New Times Tables Audio CD which is now available to buy! The CD has been purchased by parents and teachers worldwide and was extremely well received at the 2011 TES North Education show in Manchester where people took advantage of our school fundraising offer.

We want to help make learning the times tables exciting and fun for children. This new audio CD will enable you to teach and learn the tables with young children from the age of four through to twelve and beyond.

Fizz, Buzz and Wizz will take you on a journey through their number factory and will accompany you, as you sing each of the times tables from 2 x to 12 x. Each table is sung in a catchy rap, pop or rock style by one of the robot friends and will help everybody to learn the hardest multiplication calculations. Singing songs will come naturally to any child and as it makes learning into a game, instead of being boring, it keeps their interest too.

The Sing Your Times Tables audio CD is available now and also includes bonus tracks without the answers, so you can test yourself to ensure that you are learning as you listen.

The Sing Your Times Tables - Times Tables audio CD costs just £4.89 (plus p&p or free delivery via Amazon) and will give hours of fun, as well as developing key skills.

Please contact us via email if you have any questions: fizzbuzzwizz@singyourtables.com

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