All about Sing Your Tables


Sing Your Times Tables started as an idea back in November 2010. Listening to the various CDs available and watching a few of the DVDs it quickly became apparent that there was a shortage of quality CDs providing an exciting and adventurous way to learn the times tables.

Everyone uses the multiplication tables on a daily basis, whether at the supermarket or local store, multiplying the cost of several bread rolls (or trying to work out the tricky three for the price of two offers!) Similarly, at home, they are just as useful, making dinner and doubling up the ingredients to make extra, possibly freezing portions for another night.

Children (as we all were once) are lucky enough to have brains that soak up information like a sponge. With this amazing ability, comes a thirst for knowledge. Making the very most of this precious time is incredibly important, as we all know that learning becomes harder the older we get.

Sing Your Tables is a great way to engage with the multiplication tables from a young age and can help make possible even the most difficult calculations.