Sing Your Tables song samples


Please have a listen to the samples below from our times tables audio CD. These tracks are taken directly from the sing your time tables CD you can buy on our order page.

Two Times Table

Sing Your Tables - Track 1

Six Times Table

Sing Your Tables - Track 5

Eight Times Table

Sing Your Tables - Track 7


The songs are all written and sung in a fun and engaging style. The aim of the audio times tables CD is for children to find learning the tables enjoyable and through this help them to memorise the times tables through repetition of singing the times table songs. We've all heard a song on the radio and been stuck with the melody and lyrics for the rest of the day and this is the same principle only applied to learning.

The samples above are from the 2x, 6x and 8x tables and comprise of the first half of each times table song. The songs follow a format which will become familiar and will help with remembering the lyrics and tables.

Once the song has been sung by one of the robot friends; Fizz, Buzz or Wizz, the song is then sung again but with space left for the children to sing or speak to complete the answer to the current times table in the song. This interaction will help form a memory of the times table answers and is also a great way to test yourself.

Everyone loves to be rewarded for achievement so each times table song ends with a standing ovation of applause which children will love.